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Whether you're aiming to put your affairs in order or you need advice and guidance on inheritance tax matters, MT Legal Services offers professional representation and a great range of legal services for individuals in Northamptonshire.

If you want to make sure that your family will be supported after you've gone, ensure that your will is up to date. MT Legal Services in Northampton are here to help you.

If a time arose where you were unable to make decisions for yourself, you'd want to know that a loved one could step in and help. MT Legal Services can help to set this up for you.

Confused by inheritance tax? Get all the information you need and professional legal representation to protect your estates and trusts against excessive tax bills.

Keeping your will at home puts it at risk of theft and of unauthorised alterations. Get protection for your documents with the storage facilities at MT Legal Services.

Powers of attorney

Inheritance tax

Plan for the future with MT Legal Services in Northampton

Wills and probate

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